Pennies for Patients Drive to Benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Begins Today!

pennies2SW Charter School is thrilled to again be participating in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s School & Youth Programs!

Whether it’s Pennies for Patients, Pasta for Pennies presented by Olive Garden, or the LLS High School Program, students last year raised nearly $28 million to fund breakthrough therapies to save the lives of blood cancer patients.

Last year, our school alone raised over $732 to benefit this wonderful organization! For the next few weeks, we will help people who are sick with blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

All you have to do is collect coins and other donations and put them in your classroom’s collection box.  We can donate more than pennies too. Checks can be made out to “The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society” and we can accept online donations as well.

You can learn more about this effort at – or find classroom donation pages at

All money we collect will go directly to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Individual boxes will go home with students today, May 27th. We will be collecting through June 10th.

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Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony ~ Friday, May 29th at 8:40 am

The school would like to give an official thank you to the many intrepid, talented and fantastic volunteers!

Please join the school for a small celebration this Friday May 29th at 8:40 am in the SWCS Great Room.

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Pizza Lunch Orders Due Wednesday, May 12th by Noon!

hot_lunchHi families!  We are testing out a “hot lunch” option for our students at the upcoming all-school lunch on Friday, May 15th.

Orders will be taken online only, now through Wednesday, May 13th at noon.

pizzaVisit the link below to order slices for your child. If your family qualifies for free/reduced lunch, please email Karen at to arrange for one no-cost slice of cheese pizza per child.

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Keep Collecting Those Bottle Caps!

Field Day 2014 Bottle Cap Mural

Field Day 2014 Bottle Cap Mural

Turning Waste Into Art

Last year, we collected plastic bottle caps to create a one-of-a-kind mural for our school. SWCS families kept 1440 bottle caps out of the landfill with this project, and this year we want to do it again!

During Field Day last year, students & parent volunteers glued and attached bottle caps to create our water-themed mural, and we want to create one more recycled art project to complete our cycle, but this time with an Earth theme.

We will create our Earth-themed bottle cap mural on Field Day!

Mural 3Please continue collecting bottle caps!

  • Collect at home
  • Ask neighbors, friends, family and maybe even a restaurant in your neighborhood
  • We’ll have a box set up where you can drop off your bottle caps, near Kathy’s desk. Look for the sign!
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Friends of Southwest Charter School Meeting Minutes ~ May 2015

Friends of SW Charter School

Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2015

Misc. Items:

Hot lunch/all school lunch 5/15, looking for volunteers to help

Online auction did well, $4,200 in sales + $800 donation, $1,200 more than last year, but short of $6,000 goal. The donation was from a cab company.

Pennies for Patients. Melissa will take this on, Christina to send the information to Melissa.

Suggestion from Melissa:

TLC committee for families that are going through life changing events (sickness, babies etc.), Melissa would consider heading that up.


  • College of Natural Medicine, graduation, want community partners present, would sell lemonade, it is on June 27, noon to 6 PM, they would like to partner
  • Safe Routes to School, places to drop kids off so they can walk or bike to school
  • Bike or walk from Willamette Park, Fulton Park, Caruthers Park
  • In the future with the new bridge drop off could be at OMSI
  • Safe Routes can make a large poster of a map where you can drop kids off to bike or walk to school and reduce traffic in the neighborhood
  • Start planning block party, plan with the South Waterfront Business Association.
  • Harvest Party vs. Block Party? Bring people in by having entertainment, maybe school performance, team effort, do this in conjunction with the farmers market. Sarah will try to set up meeting. Elise will be working on this. Aaron Nigel Smith as partner since kids already know and like him? Mon, Tue, Fri are options for Sarah to meet. Christina will join the meeting.

The friends board needs new members:

Friends Board – needs new president, Christina to describe the role more, benefits for the school and what kind of support she has.

New approach for recruiting: Instead of looking for specific roles simply find board members. Christina will try to work with Lorien on messaging. Are people involved in the auction willing to be on the friends board?

Move board election but push it now. Everyone tries to get one person to come to the Friends Meeting.

Can Sarah Mutal help recruit for the Friends board? Nicki will ask her.

Ask if teachers know parents that may be good for the position.

Focus on getting people to come to the June meeting including new kindergarten families.

Can Rachel Stedman help recruit since she welcomes new families?

Sarah Gilmore:

Alice Waters edible school garden project. Barbara, Mirabella resident wants to initiate this  at SWCS and she approached Amanda. Potential partnerships include Gray’s Landing, Zidell and more. Longer term commitment from a group of parents that will make connections and vision to make this happen. Need a group that are sort of cheerleaders for this project, do we have people who are passionate about gardening and food?

Consider email blast to parents that explains the idea to get the word out. Sarah will take charge of getting the email blast out.

Field day – June 12, 2015:

  • Mural – Erin will most likely do the sketch, not getting enough bottle caps
  • Corn hole
  • Kickball, dodgeball etc.
  • Playground will be closed
  • Shelter is closed
  • Brittany will bring pop up tents
  • Do we need a big tent in case it rains? Christina will ask Anna to price out what it will cost to rent.
  • Older kids want kickball, dodgeball, tug of war, capture the flag
  • Food for staff and volunteers? $200 budget for food?
  • Kids to wear tie-dye shirts for field day – Melissa is willing to organize
  • Need to get more volunteers – one for each class, some have already been recruited
  • Are Courtney and Lisa interested? What about 7th and 8th interested?

Financial Update:

  • Restaurant nights seem to have tapered off. Christina will check in. Can we do one more big restaurant night?
  • Fred Meyer – brought in $1000 so far this year.
  • Friends put $1000 aside for grants for curriculum related stuff, $312 has been paid out so far. Not all teachers applied for the grant. Friends Board will need to vote on whether to have this grant again.
  • Including online auction the auction brought in a total of $81,400.
  • No unexpected expenses.

Google Docs version of May 2015 Minutes

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Order Pizza Slices for All-School Lunch ~ Friday, May 15th

hot_lunchHi families!  We are testing out a “hot lunch” option for our students at the upcoming all-school lunch on Friday, May 15th.

Orders will be taken online only, now through Wednesday, May 13th at noon.

pizzaVisit the link below to order slices for your child. If your family qualifies for free/reduced lunch, please email Karen at to arrange for one no-cost slice of cheese pizza per child.

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Last Day for Children’s Book Bank Book Drive ~ Friday, May 8th

bookdriveFour SW Charter 7/8th graders (Will Britton, Max Cote, Sophia Wexler & Isabel Rousseau) are leading a children’s book drive at The Children’s Book Bank!

Friday, May 8th is the last day to bring in your donations!

The students’ goal is collecting 1000 books for low income children in the Portland area. If each child at school donates five good quality/lightly used books from their own bookshelves, our student interns will easily hit their goal!

cbb3As an incentive, the class that collects the most USABLE (in good shape) books will get a pizza party donated by Rovente Pizza! Help your kids go through their books and support both our interns and The Children’s Book Bank.

A collection box for each class is located in the hallway at school! Thanks for your help!

Donation guidelines can be found here!

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