Chinook Book 2013 Fundraiser Coming Soon

FOSWCS will be offering the money saving Chinook Book again this fall.  The book is packed with coupons that will save you money all year long!  From grocery coupons to dining out and even savings on travel expenses, you will more than make back the cost of the book.

It is available in paper, for $20.00, or as a mobile app for Android or iPhone users for $15.00.

50% of each sale goes directly back to support the staff at SWCS!  Order forms went home with the back to school packet and more will be available in the lobby.  For more information contact Hanne Rousing at

Here’s what’s in it:
Over 150 offers from new businesses like Zupan’s Markets, Cinetopia, Everyday Music, Floyd’s Coffee, and Ellington Handbags, plus hundreds of returning favorites from last year.
Click here to see all the merchants and offers in the new Chinook Book.
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