Scrip — Shop and Support Our School

Hello SWCS Families!

Do you shop at Fred Meyer?  New Seasons?  Safeway?  Would you like to support your school while shopping, without paying a single extra dime than what you normally pay?

SCRIP is bar none the easiest fundraising you can do to help support your amazing school.  With SCRIP, you can donate money to SWCS while doing your regular weekly shopping and dining out, at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.  How?  The SCRIP program partners with grocery stores, restaurants, and other merchants to give a percentage of your purchases directly to our school.  Here’s how it works:  instead of purchasing with cash, check, or debit card at your favorite store or restaurant, you pay with a SCRIP card instead.  For instance, if you typically spend $100 a week at New Seasons Market, you can simply purchase a $100 New Seasons SCRIP card each week and use that to buy your groceries.  A percentage of your purchase automatically goes to SWCS. It’s easy!

How do you order SCRIP cards?  There is a weekly order form, and a recurring debit order form. Both forms are available by clicking on the links, or are available at school at the reception desk. There are a few options for submitting your orders:

1) Turn in the order form with payment to the office.  You can drop the weekly order form, with check or cash attached, into the gray drop box outside Marlene’s office, or Karen can run your debit card.  For recurring debit forms, simply fill out and drop in the box.

2) Turn in the order form to SCRIP volunteers Tiffany or Ned at the reception desk each Friday morning with check or cash payment.  They will also have a limited stock of popular cards for immediate purchase.

3) Print and scan the order forms to  For weekly orders, call Karen in the office with your debit card information to pay.

SCRIP cards are dispersed each week on Friday mornings.  You can either have your child take the cards home to you or pick them up yourself on Friday mornings at the reception desk from Ned and Tiffany.  Please indicate your choice in the space provided on the weekly order form, or at the bottom of the recurring debit form.

IMPORTANT: The deadline for weekly SCRIP orders is Monday at 3pm.  All orders placed by that time will be available for pickup on Friday of that week.  Any orders placed after that will have to wait until the following Friday for pickup.

If you have any questions, please contact us at
Please support SWCS by shopping with SCRIP cards!
Thank you!
-the SCRIP Team
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