Sharing Spree – Become a Supporter!

The Friends SW Charter School has partnered with Sharing Spree to help raise funds for our organization. Sharing Spree extends huge price breaks to buyers, creating remarkable deals on goods, services and activities – PLUS they donate at least 10% of their profit to charitable causes!

You can sign up and create an account at OR go our blog at and click on the “Sharing Spree” button along the right hand side. Then, designate “Southwest Charter School” as your preferred non profit. Every time you shop, SWCS will receive at least 5% of your purchase.

After we have at least 50 supporters of SWCS on Sharing Spree we will be eligible to be the featured non-profit of the day and will receive up to 10% of sales for a day. There is zero cost to you to sign up and no obligation to buy so why not sign up and see what great deals you just cannot live without?

You can shop happy knowing you’re supporting SWCS with every purchase on Sharing Spree when you’ve designated our school as your preferred non-profit organization.

If you have any questions about this program please email

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1 Response to Sharing Spree – Become a Supporter!

  1. I’ve been using Sharing Spree for years, they always have great offers. That is so cool that I can designate SWCS as my preferred non-profit.

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