Harry’s Mother Runaway Youth Services — Service Opportunity

One of our students, Hattie, went to Harry’s Mother Runaway Youth Services to donate hand knit scarves and other personal goods for the young people in their program.  Being at Harry’s Mother that day made a big impact.  It was hard for her to consider the fact that there are kids (not much older than Hattie) on their own without family support, food or shelter.  Hattie decided she’d like to focus her holiday on making life better for other kids for whom life has not been so generous.

If your family would like to give something to Hattie’s donation drive, she will have donation boxes and posters set up in the hallway at school until our winter break begins. She will also have a box on Kathy’s desk for collecting change and dollar bills, because Harry’s Mother can use money donations as well. Below is a list that Harry’s Mother sent Hattie that shows the items that they need the most.

If you have any questions for Hattie, you can email her at my mom’s email address:

Thank you for your donations!

harry's mother

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