Pizzicato Dollars for Dough Tuesday, December 11th


Eat at the Hillsdale Pizzicato (6358 SW Capitol Hwy) on Tuesday, December 11th and SW Charter School gets 20% of the sales for the day.  We are also having a special hot lunch pizza day for SW Charter students and staff on the same day — (more info is listed below).


Take out or Dine at Home

Please purchase a pizza dinner for your family from Pizzicato Hillsdale – You can eat in or take out orders!  Call (503-452-7166) and order a par-baked pizza to pick up in the afternoon and finish baking it at home when the family is ready for dinner.  It’s EASY, gives you a night off from cooking a big dinner and raises money for our school!  You can also buy a gift cards, they make great holiday gifts and 20% goes to our school! Tell your friends, family and neighbors to take a night off from cooking and help SWCS raise money!

Enjoy at School

FOSWCS will be also be offering a hot pizzicato pizza lunch for our students next Tuesday, December 11th. The price is $2 per slice. If your child would like to have pizza for lunch that day, please fill out the order form below. You MUST have your order and your money turned in by the end of the school day THIS Friday, December 7th. Collection envelopes will be hanging by each classroom door. You must include your child(s) name and the name of your child’s teacher(s) with your money (checks should be made out to SWCS).

Slices MUST be pre-ordered using the survey link below. Food will not be available for purchase on the day of the event.  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/S93MY9B.   Please send your child to school with whatever sides and beverage you would normally send.  Beverages will not be provided.

Your purchases from this fundraising day will benefit the overnight field trips for the upper grades. Questions can be directed to julikirby@gmail.com

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2 Responses to Pizzicato Dollars for Dough Tuesday, December 11th

  1. christy says:

    There are no vegan options on the survey. If that’s possible, as pizzicato has great vegan options, I’d love to order a couple of slices. If not, oh well. Just thought I’d ask.

    • foswcs2012 says:


      Thanks for your comment. No, a vegan option was not offered. But you could try emailing the parent coordinator of the Pizzicato lunch event, parent Juli Kirby at julikirby@gmail.com. If there are enough interested in a vegan option, she might be able to make that happen.

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