Wanna help out with our Annual Auction?

vintage_vegasOur annual auction is approaching and the Auction Committee would love to have your skills and/or help! There are lots of fun and easy tasks.  

Priority Committee Slots That Need to be Filled:

  • Graphics Coordinator: Tasks — create auction item displays, boards and flyers

(If you are up for this job but don’t have any software or a computer we might have a loaner computer and some graphic software, Print Shop at school.

  • Sign-ups Team Members (3 spots): Tasks — help create small hand-outs/certificates with party & sign-up info. Works with sign-ups coordinator.

Secondary Committee Slots (but just as important) that Need to be Filled.

  • Check-in Team– on day of event (4:30-6:30pm 1 spot left): Tasks — Check-in attendees and bidders
  • Decorations Team– before and day of event (1 spot): Tasks — help to create a vision of Vegas in PDX
  • Day-of-Auction Volunteer Coordinator: Tasks — delegate or assign volunteers per list to tasks during setup and during event
  • Set-up Team– day of event (6 spots): Tasks — help to setup tables and auction items
  • Clean-up Team– day of event (3 spots): Tasks — self explanatory
  • Donated Item Retrieval Team– from now and day of event (2 spots): Tasks — pickup and delivery of goodies to SWCS
  • Thank You Committee– after event to do at home or at school (4 spots): Tasks — create and send thank you cards
  • Online Auction Coordinators– at home or at school (2 spots): Tasks — enter items on website to be auctioned off

Anyone that is interested in, or would like more information on these roles can email our Auction Co-Chairs Christina Cartwright, cartwrightx7@gmail.com or Nicki Stewart, nicki.stewart@gmail.com

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