Donate a bottle for the Pair-o-Dice Pyramid of Wine!

wineHelp build the Pyramid!

The Auction Committee asks that each SW Charter family donate a bottle of wine for the…

Pair-O-Dice Pyramid of Wine

for SWCS’s Vintage Vegas Auction Friday, March 15th

How the pyramid will work at the Auction: With a simple roll of the dice, plus a mere $20, guests will receive a Mystery Bottle of Wine that could be worth as much as $75!

Donation is easy:

  1. Obtain a bottle of wine, worth $15 or more
  2. Mark the bottle with your name and the wine’s value
  3. Bring it into SWCS, at pickup on any Thursday beginning January 29th (look fot the wine lady in the front of school).

This is an easy way to help make our auction a success and raise money for our school. Thank you!

Any questions? Contact Meigan Madden at:

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