Tomorrow is last day for food drive!

food-driveSouthwest Charter School’s Winter Food Drive will conclude tomorrow, Thursday, January 31st.

Donated food and cash will go directly to the Oregon Food Bank, a program that provides meals to approximately 270,000 people a month. Of those almost  92,000 are children.

Because it’s winter and because so many of people affected by hunger are children, would like to collect warm and nutritious food as well as healthy school lunch items.

Some examples of needed items are: dry and canned soups, beans, crackers, canned meats, boxed cereals, granola bars, raisins, juice boxes, apple sauce, nut butters, pasta, rice and cooking oil.

You can find a list of the most needed items on the Oregon Food Bank website at:

There is a food collection bin in the main lobby directly across from Kathy’s desk as well as a box at the side entrance. You can also give cash in lieu of food if that is easier. There will be an envelope for monetary donations in the lock box by Kathy’s desk as well.

You may also bring your food donations to our FREE SWCS Movie Day on Thursday, January 31 at the Bagdad Theater.

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