Pizzicato Dough 4 Dollars — March 12th

Pizzicato Dough 4 Dollars day is coming up @ the Hillsdale Pizzicato on 3/12/13. You can pre-order your pizza, salad or gift cards to pick up at SWCS after school by filling out the forms found on Kathy’s desk. (Emails with order forms will also be sent out). Easy breezy!

Mon. March 4 = Orders forms due! (see instructions below)

Tues. March 12 = Orders to be picked up at SWCS after school (location TBA).

Fill out an order form (forms will be on Kathy’s desk & emails w/order forms attached will be sent out via email). Make a check payable to SWCS for your grand total. Drop the order form AND your payment (orders will not be submitted to Pizzicato w/o payment) in the marked envelope or box in the SWCS main entryway (No later than Mon. March 4). Pick up your order after school on Tuesday, March 12.

Questions about pre-orders:
Juli Kirby: julikirby@gmail.com

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