We Have a Wine Shortage!

wine bottlesHopefully that grabbed your attention as thoroughly as I know it would grab mine 😉 I’m writing you with an appeal for auction wine donations. We have received only about half the number of bottles we were hoping for, and the deadline to submit a bottle is next Thursday pm – the day before the auction!

A key portion of our annual auction is the “wall of wine,” this year called the “Pair-o-dice Pyramid of Wine” in keeping with this year’s theme. This auction attraction is traditionally a very successful fundraiser for our school, and it’s success is dependent on the number of bottles donated by parents. The value of each bottle donated is magnified through the “Pyramid of Wine” game and translates into much needed funds for our school!

Please consider donating a bottle of wine, worth $15 or more. You can purchase this yourself, or kindly request a donation from friends and/or relatives.

There are several ways to get the wine to me: bring a bottle to school and drop it off in Marlene’s office; hand it to Marlene or myself (Meigan Madden – my kids are Finn in Paul’s class and Alba in Amanda’s class) directly; or you call or email me (see below)and we can make other arrangements. I can even pick it up from you! But I must receive it by NEXT THURSDAY evening to get it into the auction.

Thanks for your help 🙂

Meigan Madden

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