March 2013 Friends Meeting Minutes

Friends of Southwest Charter School
Meeting Minutes
March 5, 2013

April Volunteer Appreciation

Last year Chanda Stone planned an elaborate week to celebrate our volunteers. Last year we had a treat station, little rocks decoupaged with sayings about volunteerism, bookmarks, drawings, and a PowerPoint presentation shown at an all-school meeting.

We discussed what we’d like to do for our volunteers this year and how we’d like to let them know how much we appreciate their efforts.

One idea was having a student art contest that celebrates volunteerism. Another was to make a special invite to our volunteers to attend the 1st Thursday AM coffee in April.  We could make a big poster with all the volunteers’ names. Maybe this is something the aftercare kids could do. Krista will talk with Kathy about making the poster with the volunteers’ names. It would also be nice if we could make our recognition of volunteers more personal by presenting thank you cards at the AM coffee.

Juli suggested sending something home with the kids during spring break. Maybe  making drawings about volunteers.

Juli will be out of town the day of the April AM coffee and Amie would likely be gone. Is there anyone who would like to coordinate this volunteer appreciation coffee?

Nicki’s husband can pick up the baked goods from Grand Central.

March 22nd Staff Lunch

Muffin Mondays

  • March 4 Krista
  • March 11 Jen
  • March 18 Liz

On Friday, March 22nd, we are planning a catered lunch for the Friday staff meeting. Krista will talk with Carolyn about making a cake. There’s a new bagel shop on Macadam we could try. Juli Kirby will pick up bagels, cream cheese, etc. We need enough for 17 staff.

Summer Get-Togethers

Last summer, we held informal get-togethers at the Sellwood Park concert series. Marlene suggested that we also try the free movie nights scheduled for Elizabeth Carruthers Park in the South Waterfront.

We’d like to do another family camping weekend, but unfortunately Camp Wilkerson is already all booked. Another option is Cape Lookout, but they don’t start reserving until mid-April. Right now that is our best choice.  You can’t reserve online, you must call.

If Camp Lookout doesn’t work out, an alternative might be a family beach day trip. It would be nice to find one that’s semiprivate and not too crowded. Amie suggested Nehalem campground near Manzanita and Indian Henry Campground on the Clackamas River. Christina suggested Stub Stewart. Heather suggested Flying M. Krista will research these ideas. Camp Kiwanilong is already booking for 2014.

Community Life

Pastini Restaurant Night made $220.81. Restaurants that require you to bring a flyer, like Pastini, are a challenge. There are other locations, parking is ridiculous. Should we consider Pastini next year? Maybe we can have kids hand out flyers outside the restaurant.

Pizzicato is next Tuesday. We have $700 in pre-orders! Juli needs help Tuesday, March 12th. Heather, Sarah G will help Juli give out orders. If you haven’t pre-ordered, you can also still go to the restaurant that day.

We discussed how to get families more engaged in our restaurant nights. We can have families bring flyers to their co-workers to get more people to participate. Advertise in free publications like Hillsdale newspaper if restaurant is in neighborhood.

Other restaurants we might try next year are Laughing Planet in Hillsdale and Raccoon Lodge on Beaverton-Hillsdale.

April/May we are hoping to plan something with Circuit Gym, but we haven’t had any response yet.

Nicki’s husband will pick up baked goods for Thursday’s coffee, Amie will be back up.

Juli is willing to plan local summer get-togethers again.

We are still planning to have a Family Math & Science Night in April. Jessica Nichols is coordinating.

Fulton Pub restaurant night is Tuesday, June 4th.

Book drive/Family Reading Night

Krista has 3 potential authors lined up. Teacher Josh will read from Harry Potter.

Schedule for Wednesday, March 20th

  • 6:30 arrival
  • 6:45 – 7:30 pm – split into groups for three different readers
  • 7:30-8 Craft station and a snack station to wrap things up

Craft will be a bookmark where kids can keep track of how many books they’ve read. Snack will be simple: trail mix without nuts. Krista will help with snacks. Christina and Heather will bring in snacks – finger foods.

Should we have people RSVP for this event? Krista will put it on sign up genius.

The book drive has been very successful. Krista will be working to sort them by reading level.

FOSWCS 2013/2014

Even though it’s only March, it’s time to start thinking about what this group is going to look like next year, what events do we want to do, and what is the leadership of this group going to look like?, etc. Krista is encouraging us to think of people in our community who might want to take on a leadership position.

Friends elections will be in May. We discussed how we can get classroom volunteers to also join Friends and become active in its leadership. If you think someone would be good for the Friends Board, let them know that they’d be great at it. People who consistently come to AM coffees might also be potential people to ask.

We like to do another Harvest Dance next year. We would also like to continue with Black Friday Rollerskating, even though we had lower attendance this year. We decided we might try to go back to pre-selling tickets again? Yes, because it puts it in people’s minds.

Juli would like to see us get a weatherproof outdoor message board to post flyers with our events. She will get a price and Sarah G. suggested that we add to playground beautification plan.


We can bring stuff over to the Melody starting at 4 pm on Thursday. – Krista, Juli can help.

Committee is working on a set-up timeline for auction.

10 Arrive

10 – 1 Main setup

Heather – silent items

Juli & husband – sound

During the event we are looking for a photographer between 7:30 – 8 – we have a few leads

Remind people to buy their tickets!

What’s online is just a sample of the items that we be available for bid.

Krista will keep doing FB posts as we count down to auction.

Next Meeting April 2, 2013 7 pm

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