Friends Officer Elections Coming Soon

electionsDear Friends,

Our annual meeting & officer elections will be held Tuesday, May 7 @ 7:00 pm in the Great Room at SWCS.

The Friends of SW Charter, your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), is composed entirely of parent volunteers and we need you to get involved!

All board positions are up for election. Here is a listing of board positions and key responsibilities.  Please consider taking a leadership role next year and supporting our amazing school.

The Chair oversees the general scope of events and PTO campaigns, paying particular attention to fundraising efforts and community life events.  This key position is the main point of contact between staff and the PTO and is responsible for setting agendas and facilitating meetings.  The ideal applicant will be well organized, open minded, enthusiastic and supportive of the mission of Southwest Charter School.

The Vice Chair supports the Chair and overall scope of PTO events and directly oversees the classroom and volunteer coordinators.  This position takes the lead during the staff appreciation efforts in May and will step in to run meetings in the event that the Chair is unable to attend.  Ideal candidates will have excellent communication skills and a willingness to serve.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining accurate record of the PTO fundraising efforts and presenting to the Board as needed.  This person must have excellent record keeping skills and will meet with the school accounting, Karen, regularly to ensure accurate financial records.

The Secretary is responsible for keeping and distributing meeting minutes and maintaining the FOSWCS blog as well as the FOSWCS bulletin board in the main hallway.  Ideal candidates will have excellent communication skills with great attention to detail.

If you would like more information about a specific board position or to submit your nomination please email board secretary Liz Ward at

Thank you for all you do to make our community great!

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