Come Camp with Other SW Charter Families!

Cool Adirondacks and Great Family Camp Area!


We can’t make this happen if we do not make payment, please register and pay by May 6th!  You can come for the whole weekend or just for one day/night .
CAMP WILKERSON – Friday, September 6 from 3pm – Sunday, September 8th at noon (The first weekend school is in session)

The 3rd annual SWCS Family Summer Camp Weekend sponsored by FRIENDS will be held the weekend of September 6-8th for 2 nights at Camp Wilkerson in Rainier, Oregon. The camp is located in rural Columbia County, accessible via Hwy 26 or Hwy 30. This Columbia County park has 280 secluded forested acres and is a favorite among youth organizations.

We are renting the dining lodge with kitchen facilities that overlook a very large open grass area with a large camp fire pit along with 25 Adirondacks and 3 cabins.  An adirondack is a 3 sided shelter with 8 bunks (sleeping bag/pad needed) and 3 cabins.  The cost for the weekend for an Adirondack is $55.  Please note that the cabins are sold out.
No reservation refund can be made if you are later unable to attend.  Your family can sell its space to another family and FRIENDS will keep an availability listing.  Checks should be made payable to SWCS.  Payment must accompany a reservation.  Reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis.  Reservation monies cover park rental fees, insurance and minimal supplies.  Photos will soon be displayed in the school lobby.

For more information, see the website for Camp Wilkerson 65866 Apiary Road, Rainier, Oregon (503) 397-2353.

For any questions contact:  Laura Bracke

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