Walk + Bike to School Challenge Month

walkbikeHello SWCS families!

Some of you may already know that we the 7th graders are hosting Walk + Bike to School Challenge Month. This means your child can walk, bike, or other (skateboarding, public transportation, carpooling, roller skating, etc.) to school and then report to their teachers how they got to school that morning. Just as long as you don’t drive them to school by themselves (and no, driving with your siblings in the car does not count as carpooling ). We ask that you please help your child get to school (other than driving to school) to the best of your abilities! Not only does it help our community go greener and get your kids exercising, it helps us 7th graders solve our Project Citizen problem, having too much traffic in the SW Waterfront or having too many students driving to school (we will be bringing this problem to state).

In addition to helping your child get to school in a way other then driving, we ask for one or two parents to bring in cupcakes for the class with the most kids coming to school in alternative ways (a cupcake party is our incentive to get the kids motivated). It would be best if the cupcakes were nut and gluten free! We will not know who the winning class is until June, but if you have a connection that could get us these cupcakes then, it would be much appreciated!

If you have questions or are available to bring in cupcakes, please e-mail Miss Marlene in the school office at marlenedorfman@swcharter.org.  Marlene will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you!


Grace Heizer, 7th grader at SWCS

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