Helpers Needed for Field Day

field daySouthwest Charter School Field Day is June 14th, the last day of school, at Willamette Park.

We still need some volunteers. So if you would like to hang out with us at the park, (fun and games, whoo-hoo) please contact Kathy at school,  at, or Hanne Rousing at

Here’s a few reminders about Field Day:

  • Students are asked to leave backpacks at home and only bring a disposable lunch to school that day.
  • Students will walk to the park in the morning and be picked up from there at 1:30 pm.
  • Please park your car in the Willamette Park lot, or on the street and walk in to pick up your child.  For safety reasons we would like to limit the pick-up traffic coming in and out of the picnic area.
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