Friends Meeting Minutes September 2013

Friends of SW Charter School (FOSWCS)
Monthly Meeting

September 10, 2013

In attendance:

Elise, Adrienne, Aileah, Emily, Nicki, Juli, Wade, Christina, Christina, Hanne

Harvest Dance 9/20, 6-8 pm:

Emily Pearlman is coordinating.  Folky square dance performers will entertain from 6:15 -7:45, there will be a food vendor (families will pay for the food, there is a $300 minimum).  We will serve the ice cream from the cancelled ice cream social, Emily find a truck for transporting 4 – 6 hay bales that Nicki will buy after the harvest dance.  Juli will buy ice cream scoops for Friends.  We will find volunteers to scoop ice cream.

Run For the Arts:

Adrienne Smith is coordinating.  Raised $18,000 last year, the goal was $15,000.  This year the goal is $15,000.  Forms are going home this week. Christina will talk about it on Parent Night.

We will need volunteers to stand at the door in the mornings to get the kids excited about raising money and also create a sandwich board.  The classroom incentive is a Subway lunch.  Subway has already agreed. Juli will coordinate ordering etc.

The Run for the Arts kickoff assembly is on 9/20.  We will need a school wide incentive for kids to reach the goal.  Last year made Anne into an ice cream sundae.  The staff idea for this year was a dunk tank, hard to pull off + the cost is $200 plus.  Other ideas include Anne riding a tricycle all day.  We will come up with ideas for kids to vote on in the assembly – Hanne to coordinate the assembly.

When information about Run for the Arts goes out we will attach template letter Nicki wrote last year so people can send to friends and family.  We will also ask Liz to add this template to the ‘blog sidebar’ and have Marlene attach it to the email newsletter.  Help is needed to procuring little prizes.  Ideas included ice cream gift cards, movie passes from McMennamins.  Adrienne pointed out that adults can run and get sponsors as well, maybe we can find a way for parents to team up by classroom and challenge each other.

Community Life:

Everything is set up for morning coffee (1st Thursday each month), a lot of people for the first one and kindergarten coffee also went well.  Last year we did not schedule an October restaurant night, but there is no reason not to do it this year.  New restaurant ideas include: Hopworks and Verde Cocina (Christina will send the email address to Aileah), Little Big Burger, Spaghetti Factory.

The Bagdad Movie also needs to be scheduled, will take a look at the calendar and try to find a day that SWCS is off but PPS is not.  The movie day has to be Mon – Thu during the day, we need to bring in brand new DVD disc with the movie we want to show.

Juli will look into setting up a Square account for friends for Chinook books and other stuff.

For Chinook books: Elise and Hanne will make a plan, order form, collection table up front. Wade –, can help with distribution if done on Friday.

Volunteer tracking: Elise is moving from paper log to online service, you will have to type your name in once and then it will appear on the drop down list.  If you volunteer sign in and grab a volunteer badge.

The system may also be used to keep track of students who are late.  Currently there are twenty 20 pages of volunteer hours that needed to be entered.  Wade can help.

Teacher birthday celebrations, Hanne to figure out.

For a Google Doc version of the minutes, click here:

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