Log Your Volunteer Hours and Visits

logSouthwest Charter School is proud of all of the volunteer hours that families put into our school every year.  Volunteer involvement is part of what makes SWCS so great and makes our school stand out among all others.

We have a very open school that has helped to create a strong sense of community, but maintaining this openness come with some responsibility.

Every time you volunteer at the school, or you are just visiting, please sign in (and out) at either of our guest logs, which are located at the front desk in the lobby or upstairs in the school office.  And don’t forget to wear a guest badge!

Logging volunteer hours is critically important for our grants, for school liability, and is required information for the Oregon Department of Education.  Also, don’t forget to keep track of volunteer hours that you spend OUTSIDE of school.  For now, these hours can be reported directly to Elise Christman at theotherken@comcast.net.  Thank you!

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