Thank You Run for the Arts Volunteers!

thankyouThank You to Run for the Arts Volunteers!!  The kids had a great run last week and soon we’ll find out how much money they raised for art and music programs!  We absolutely could not hold this event without your time and effort.  We really appreciate it!!!  Thank you to everyone who participated and made it a great day!  Special thanks to Marlene in the office for all her support (and running 9 laps!) and to Laura Bracke for lots of hard work and planning.

Thank you to all the wonderful people below who helped make Run for the Arts 2013 a success!

  • Aaron Britton
  • Alesha Hanson
  • Alison McKenzie
  • Allison Vazquez
  • Ann Holland
  • Brian Smith
  • Brittany Roska
  • Carl Mandac
  • Caroline Falcone Goldstone
  • Chris Beckley
  • Christina Cartwright
  • Christina Moran
  • Christine Bravo
  • Christine Egan
  • Deek Heycamp
  • Elise Christman
  • Emily Bailey
  • Evin Faulhaber
  • Hanne Rousing
  • James Hyatt
  • Jane O’Scannlain
  • Janet Partridge
  • Jen Litwin
  • Jenna Tegner
  • Jessica Bell Athens
  • Juli Kirby
  • Laura Bracke
  • Martha Rolfson
  • Meghan Ruoana
  • Mike Miller
  • Mindy Cash
  • Ned Faulhaber
  • Nicki Stewart
  • Samar Hamadined
  • Sarah Gilmore
  • Sarah Mutal
  • Tiffany Bolstad-Cox
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