A Birthday to Celebrate We Must!

yodaHow can we celebrate our beloved Kathy Price’s birthday this year at SW Charter? By having a Star Wars Day! As many of you know, Kathy is a huge Star Wars fan. You’ll often find Star Wars quotes or a picture of Yoda near her desk.

On Friday, October 25th, dress up as your favorite character from Star Wars to help her celebrate! Enjoy school that day as you pass by Vaders, Skywalkers and Leias. Or have math next to Boba Fett, and science nearby Anakin or a Jawa. A fun day, this will be.

Please note: Costumes only, no weapons (lightsabers, blasters) please.

Prefer not to dress up or want an alternative? Here’s a link to print out Star Wars masks instead: http://starwars.com/media/downloads/masks/masks_retro.pdf

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