Teacher & Staff Wish Lists ~ How You Can Help!

wishlist2One of the primary goals of the Friends of SW Charter is to support our teachers and staff.

When our teachers and staff have what they need, our school becomes an even better place for our kids to learn, thrive, and have fun.

As parents, we can help our teachers and staff fulfill these needs. Their wish lists may be actual items, volunteers to help with getting projects done, and people to offer their skills, hobbies, or talents to enrich the learning experience.

How can we accomplish this?  On our blog, we’ll maintain a listing of teacher and staff needs. A link to the list can also be found along the top of the blog labelled “Staff Needs/Wish List”.  Even if your child isn’t in a particular teacher’s class, please take a look at the entire list and consider how you can donate your time or help connect them with items they are on the lookout for. This is a wonderful way to build community and support our staff!

Thanks go out to parent Melissa Allen for creating the fun survey for our staff, which has really helped us get a better idea on how we can support them.

In most cases, you can contact the teacher directly, but please let me know if you have any questions – I’m more than happy to help. Christina Cartwright, cartwrightx7@gmail.com, FOSWCS Chair.

Here’s the Wish List So Far:

Kristina- kristinaengstrom@swcharter.org

  • nonfiction books
  • small desk lamps
  • small boom box with tape player
  • magnetic letters
  • parent led art program

Paul- paulbanta@swcharter.org

  • lunch time read-aloud help
  • Friday afternoon parent led art
  • prep materials

Lisa- lisacolombo@swcharter.org

  • math help
  • project work help
  • drivers for field work

Matt- mattgurrola@swcharter.org

  • class sets of novels, non-fiction books
  • updated dictionaries
  • first-aid kit
  • lower wall shelves
  • blank cassettes
  • magnets
  • ink stamps
  • pull down for projector
  • maps
  • wall graphics (language arts)

Sarah- sarahanderson@swcharter.org (for now please contact Elizabeth below)

  • vacuum

Elizabeth- elizabethwebber@swcharter.org

  • natural fiber yarn
  • tapestry needles
  • knitters to help assist in class Friday mornings (9am-10am & 10am-11am)

Anthony- anthonyrobinson@swcharter.org

  • someone to organize bins for supplies

Marlene- marlenedorfman@swcharter.org

  • organize art supply room
  • inventory storage containers

Kathy- kathyprice@swcharter.org

  • safety patrol help
  • recess help
  • organize
  • cleaning

Jonathan- enrichment@swcharter.org

  • used couch (and help getting one here)

Mary- marlenedorfman@swcharter.org

  • color copies


  • smiles!!
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