School Web Site Help Needed

websiteDo you have experience with web site design and/or maintenance? Our school is looking for two volunteers to help improve and maintain our school’s official web site. There are two distinct needs: web site design/improvement and web site maintenance. Here’s a little more about what we’re looking for:

Web Site Design/Improvement

Our current web site was designed by Kris Pearlman and went live about three years ago. It’s designed in a free web design program called Joomla. There is quite a bit of functionality built into the web site that we have never used. E.g. newsletters could be sent to the web site, portions of it could be accessible only to “members”, teachers could have blogs instead of using Shutterfly, etc.). We’d love to find someone who can bring some of these latent functions to life and who also can improve/tweak bits of the web site to make it more user friendly and up-to-date. We expect this might take some up-front time, but after that, it could be really minimal. An ideal volunteer would also be willing to work with teachers to get them up-to-speed on blogs and web site features.

Web Site Maintenance

The main need here is someone who can access the site to update content. The main area that needs constant maintenance is the calendar. This might be a weekly kind of chore. There would be a learning curve, but once learned, this would be no more than 30 minutes/week. All that is required is being somewhat web-savvy.

If you are interested in either of these volunteer positions, please contact Anne Gurnee.

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