City Changes S. Waterfront Car Access

traffic_alertIf you come to school for drop off or pick up via I-5 northbound, take the Macadam Ramp (Exit 299A) and turn right on SW Curry by OHSU to enter the S. Waterfront, you’ll need to come up with a new route.

The city of Portland has made permanent changes to access into the South Waterfront District from I-5 northbound that were implemented Friday, November 1.  Starting on November 1 the right turn from the I-5 northbound Macadam Ramp (Exit 299A) to SW Curry Street will be prohibited. New guide signs on I-5 northbound will direct vehicles to South Waterfront via Exit 299B (to Harbor Drive). Right turns from northbound SW Macadam Avenue to SW Curry Street will still be allowed.

Click here to view a map of changes. Questions? Contact Chris Armes with the City of Portland at
or 503-823-7051.

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