School Seeking New Board Members

board2Here’s a letter from our SWCS Board President Aaron Britton:

Hello prospective SWCS Board Members,

I want to thank everyone who has stepped forward and entertained the idea of serving on the Board. I find it a great way to give back to the school while still working a job with normal day hours. Right now we have five open positions that we need to fill this December.

So what does the Board of Directors for a state-sponsored Charter School do? We are the main entity accountable for governance, fiscal oversight, and strategic planning, among many other responsibilities. We do dabble in other responsibilities as needed, but we try hard to remember what our actual duties and limitations are.

The board commitment is 2 years. We do have some Officer positions. The one that is going to be opening this December is Treasurer. Other desired backgrounds that would help the board are Teachers (our bylaws prohibit us from having SWCS teachers on our Board), attorneys, people with business ties in the S. Waterfront area, and people with experience serving on boards.

That being said, the most important characteristic for serving on the SWCS Board is having some spare time, enthusiasm, good follow through, attention to detail, and most importantly the desire to see the continued growth and refinement of our school.

Depending on the project or position, the time requirement required could be a couple of hours a month up to occasionally a couple of hours a day. Our meetings are typically the third Thursday of each month and we try to keep them to an hour and a half, sometimes they run over a little. We meet during the summer months as well as you might be surprised how many things have to happen then too.

Interested candidates are required to send me a bio that I will forward to the other Board members. I would like to have them by December 2nd so that the current board members have time to read them thoroughly.

At the December 19th Board Meeting, prospective candidates may be asked questions by current Board Members regarding their service on our Board.

I am really excited about our prospective Board Members. Please feel free to send any questions about the Board you have to me directly.

Aaron Britton
SWCS Board President
Father of William, 7th grader

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