Chinook Book Sidewalk Sale ~ Tuesday, November 19th

chinookYour last chance to purchase a Chinook Book is coming this Tuesday, November 19th at pick up time! The book is packed with coupons that will save you money all year long!

What makes the Chinook Book such a special fundraiser is that 50% of each sale goes directly back to support SWCS!

Along with the always useful grocery coupons, there’s great savings on dining, entertainment, fashion & gifts, home & garden, travel & recreation and wellness. By just using a few coupons, you will more than make back the cost of the book.

Keep in mind that Chinook Books also make great holiday presents!

It is available in paper, for $20.00, or as a mobile app for Android or iPhone users for $15.00. Get both the print and mobile versions together for $30. Bring cash or checks.  We also hope to be able to take credit card payments.

Click here to see all the merchants and offers in the new 2014 Chinook Book.

For more information contact Hanne Rousing at


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