Thank You Run for the Arts Volunteers & Sponsors!

Thank you to this year’s Run for the Arts Coordinator Adrienne Smith!

At a Friends meeting over the summer, Adrienne volunteered to chair Run for the Arts in what seemed like a distant October. We all breathed a sigh of relief knowing this event was in wonderful hands. Adrienne, who’s son Owen was new to the school last year, stepped right in and got started! She brought her organizational skills and boundless creativity to Run for the Arts 2013, making it our most successful run yet! Thank you again Adrienne!

Thank you to the many parent volunteers who helped behind the scenes or on the day of the event. Without you, this year’s Run would not have been such a huge success! You are what makes SW Charter such a special place.


Thanks also to the many sponsors who provided prizes for our top earning class and students!


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1 Response to Thank You Run for the Arts Volunteers & Sponsors!

  1. Christina Moran says:

    THANK YOU, Adrienne! What an amazing job you did, and with nary a complaint.
    ps Friends: there are definitely peeps missing from the parent volunteers list 😦

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