Parents of Middle Schoolers — Do You Have An Artistic or Crafty Student?

crafternoon2On Sunday, February 9th from 3 – 5 pm, Friends of SW Charter is hosting a Community Crafternoon!

In addition to hands-on craft stations for families and students, we’re having a craft sale featuring handmade items created by parents AND our middle school students (Grades 6-8).

Many of you have kids who knit, sew, make jewelry, do paper arts, paint, take photos and more. We would love for them to share their creations with our community (and make a little money) at this event!

If you think your child would be interested in being a vendor at the sale, you can let us know two ways:

On the Craft Sale Vendor Form, we include set up time and a short list of things to bring when doing a sale like cash/coins, ways to display your items, etc.

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