Student Auction Art Project Preview Continues This Afternoon!

If you missed morning coffee, you’ll get a second chance to preview the wonderful student auction art projects this afternoon (Thursday 4/3) from 3 – 3:30 pm in the Great Room.

These beautiful projects, coordinated by our extremely talented and creative parents, will be available for bidding at the Rockin’ Riverboat Dinner & Auction this Saturday, April 5th! If you haven’t purchased your tickets, get them here.

Here’s a few (blurry) pictures of what the kids have created! Every year, these keep getting more and more amazing!

Mike’s 1/2 “If I Was a Fish…” Table


Susan’s 3/4 Picasso Self-Portraits with LED Lighted Frame (soldered by the kids!)


Paul’s 3/4 “My Big Dream” Photo Collage


Lisa & Matt’s 5/6 Kandinsky Circles Collage Canvases


Kristina’s 1/2 Lifecycle of a Salmon Quilt


Amanda’s Kindergarten NW Animals Quilt

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1 Response to Student Auction Art Project Preview Continues This Afternoon!

  1. cmmoran says:

    They look great! Sorry – I’m so excited about these . . .

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