This Year’s Bracke Volunteer Award Goes to…

This Year’s Bracke Volunteer Award goes to Sarah Mutal!

Last year, we began a new tradition in our community: to recognize a volunteer that always gives compassionately and generously to our school. The Laura Bracke Volunteer Award was inspired by former SW Charter parent Laura Bracke because of the inspiration, time and love that she gave to our school and community.

treeThis year, the Laura Bracke Volunteer Award goes to Sarah Mutal! Sarah spends countless hours in the classroom each week helping with math, teaching art and providing lunch breaks for several teachers. She also puts an immense amount of skill, time, energy, and love into our auctions year after year. She has developed our auction into an organized, profitable and fun event! She has been a mentor to the auction co-chairs and auction volunteers, providing tireless enthusiasm and positivity. Needless to say, we could not do it without you!

Thank you Sarah, for all that you do for our staff, our teachers, and our children. SW Charter is a better place because of you!

Over the next year, let us know who your nominee is for The Bracke Award. Award given out at 2015 Auction. Email Christina Cartwright

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