Do You Have a Loose Screw?

screwsJust kidding!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed bottle caps for the mural the kids will be creating during Field Day on June 13th.

We will continue to collect bottle caps until Tuesday, June 1oth.


Our Bottle Cap Mural design composed of a combination of drawings submitted by students. Thanks to Erin Wagner for enlarging and painting the image.

Now…it’s onto the next phase of collecting items for the bottle cap mural and we need your help again! We are looking for any extra screws you may have laying around your house, in your junk drawer, basement, tool box, etc.

The screws will be used to permanently attach the bottle caps to the mural. The threaded part of the screws should be between 3/4″ – 3″ long.

Drop off your screws in the lobby in the bin by Kathy’s desk. Thanks so much for all your help collecting items for this fun project!


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