A Message from Friends President Christina Cartwright…

great_summerOur 2013/2014 School Year Comes to a Close…

As cliche as it sounds, I really can’t believe how fast this school year has gone by and that we’re down to the last week of school! Our community has continued to grow, and our community spirit is ever strong. We have been able to offer free community events during the year, monthly coffees, have fund raised to lower our overnight camp costs for families, and also had one heck of an amazing annual auction fund raiser this year!

Our volunteers (that’s you!) have spent thousands of hours helping out. In the classrooms; reading to kids, helping with math, projects, lessons, creating art lessons & working with our kids, and cleaning those classrooms. Because of volunteers working outside the classroom also, we have gotten our kids to countless locations for field work, community service work, service internships, and chaperoned at overnight camp. You have brought in items, fulfilled our staff’s wish lists, cooked/baked/bought meals for staff during conferences, and the holidays. Not to mention bringing in snacks to the office every week for the staff to have during breaks.

It takes a village, and our “village” is pretty darn amazing and special. You all deserve a huge THANK YOU for everything you do. There is so much care, compassion, and plain old hard work from each and every one of you. Thank you families for supporting our teachers and staff in all the ways that you can and do. In doing so, you are also supporting our kids, and our entire community. And to our teachers, we are so thankful for all of the hours, and love and care that you put into your work. It shines through in the smiling faces of our kids, the projects and units they work on, seeing the “lightbulb moments” they have, and all those nuggets of information they share with us when we pick them up from school. Thank you to our office staff for all of your support, answers to questions, and helping out the kiddos when they need, well, anything!

Thank you doesn’t even cover it, but we are all so grateful to everyone in our community, families, teachers, and staff alike. Goodbye 2013/2014, and hello Summer! See you at field day this Friday!!

We also have some specific volunteer positions coming available for the 2014/2015 school year. You can email me if you want to find out more now, and more info will be coming soon!

Christina Cartwright
FOSWCS President

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