Another Wonderful Field Day!


Another wonderful SW Charter Field Day for the books!

Many thanks to the amazing Hanne Rousing for coordinating another successful field day! Thank you to all of the families that helped make it come together, and thank you to all the kids for just being you! Happy summer all!

Special thanks to Brittany, Caroline, Carri, Carrie, Christina, Christine, Elise, Erin, Harmony, Jeff, Jen, Jessica, JoLea, Jonathan, Juli, Kathy, Kelly, Ken, Lorien, Marc, Marlene, Melissa, Mindy, Nicki, Sarah G., and Sarah M. for helping to set up, bringing in needed items, helping with art projects, leading games and keeping the kids safe.

Thank you also to the Steadman family for taking home the bottle cap mural which they will complete over the summer. Get those power tools ready!

Have a wonderful summer everyone!



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