Chinook Book Pre-Sale Event!

chinook2015Chinook Book Pre-Sale Event!

We’re getting an early start with Chinook Books this year.  Our goal is for every family at SWCS to sell/purchase at least one Chinook Book. If we meet this goal, we could raise almost $2000 for SWCS!

The Chinook Book has coupons for great sustainable local companies which you may already be supporting, or gives you an excuse to try something new!  One parent sent the  email included below to his coworker and already sold four books in a week!  Just keep track of what was ordered and by whom.  Checks are payable to SW Charter School, and cash is always good.  Hard copy order forms will be coming home the first week of school.

If you have questions, contact Elise Christman at

 Sample Email to Send to Family, Friends and Co-Workers:

Dear _________________,

Purchase a Chinook Book to help support the students at SW Charter School in the South Waterfront Neighborhood.  SWCS is an amazing school that focuses on Place-Based learning.  Funds from Chinook Book help with school improvements, field trips, community building, educational supplies, and so much more.  Delivery of Chinook Books will begin in September.  Please make checks payable to SW Charter School.

Thank you!

  • Save with over 500 coupons in the Print Book and 450 coupons in the Mobile Subscription.
  • Three options for purchase: Print Book, Mobile Subscription (packaged as a small booklet, each containing a unique code for coupon activation), and Combo Pack (book + mobile).
  • Books are sold for $20. Mobile Subscriptions are $15 and print Book/Mobile Combos are $30.
  • Half of the profits go directly to SW Charter.


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