Family Camping This Weekend at Camp Wilkerson!

wilkersonCamp Wilkerson 2014 – Join the Fun!

September 5 – 7, 2014

There are only 4 Adirondacks left! Reserve yours today! Don’t miss out on this fun & relaxing weekend!

Come and join in the fun at this memory-making, community-building event! We have reserved the entire park at Camp Wilkerson again this September 5th – 7th. Hang out with old friends and make new ones. Let the kids play while you relax at the huge community fire pit. We still have 4 adirondacks (3-sides open structures with bunks) to reserve.

Even if you can’t spend the night, SW Charter families are welcome to come out for the day on Saturday to join in the fun! Bring a picnic lunch or dinner. The more the merrier!

Please see the attached forms and/or the FOSWCS blog for more info:
Camp Wilkerson Info

Email Christina Cartwright regarding your reservation forms or any other questions.



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