1st Friends Meeting of the Year ~ Tuesday, September 9th

pto_meetingHi! I’m Christina Cartwright and I’d like to give a warm welcome to you, our SW Charter families! We’re so happy you’re here. I’d like to extend an invitation to you, for our first PTO meeting of the 2014/2015 school year.

Our first meeting will be held at the school, in the Great Room, September 9th, 7pm.

What happens at FOSWCS meetings?
As your PTO, we work to support our staff, and to strengthen our community. We plan our school community events, fundraisers, staff needs & volunteering, our monthly financials, and always have time allotted for non-agenda comments and questions. It gives you the opportunity to be an active part of your child’s education experience.  This is where many of the goals and plans begin.
So, stop by and see what’s going on with the start of our school year! Lend your voice on things, or just come and listen. Some of the items we will cover this month:

  • PTO meetings will be moving to off school grounds, at a local establishment
  • SWCS Block Party, our new community event
  • Run for the Arts, our large art fundraiser
  • Fall Fundraising Update
  • FOSWCS Operating & Auction Budgets
  • Parent Business & Parent Resource Directories – released and updates
  • FOSWCS Funds Direction for 2014/2015
  • & more!


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