Keep Our Staff’s Tummies Happy ~ Help Keep the Snack Box Stocked!

snacksWe try to keep our staff and teachers well-fed! Each month, one of the classes takes a turn stocking the snack box, located on top of the fridge in the school office. Any perishable items can be left in the fridge with a note “staff”.

An email reminder will be sent to each parent from their Classroom Rep.  Nut-free snacks can be dropped off in the office during school hours unless other drop-off arrangements are made with your Class Rep.

Here’s this year’s snack box schedule:

  • October: Susan
  • November: Lisa
  • December: Chris
  • January: Courtney
  • February: Mike
  • March: Amanda
  • April: Nesa
  • May: Karinsa
  • June: Sarah

Some snack ideas to consider:Crackers, pita chips & hummus, chips & salsa, jerky, dried fruit, granola bars, single serve soups, oatmeal, fresh fruit, muffins, breads and of course, chocolate.

Beyond that, it’s all up to you as long as you remember; we’re a nut-free school!

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