School Picture Days ~ September 25 & 26

NX_photogrpaher_fedorahat_cameraSend your child to school with super big smiles next Thursday, September 25 and Friday, September 26!

Thursday will be the main portrait day with Friday morning as a ran-out-of-time day or to take portraits of any child that was absent the day before.

In case your child wants to spruce up before his or her portrait is taken, please send along a personal comb or brush for to use.

School will let you know if your child missed getting his or her portrait taken on Thursday and so you can be ready again Friday.

Our photographer, Tryon Creek Studio, will not send portrait order forms home before Picture Day.  On the day of the photo shoot they take several poses of your child. A few weeks later, the individual portrait order forms are returned to SWCS to distribute to families. Students bring the order forms home for you to choose which pose, or poses you would like to purchase.  (Each order form will have small sample copy of your child’s various poses attached to it).  You are not obligated to purchase any portraits.

Please note that one of your child’s portraits will be used in our school yearbook.  So, even if you don’t purchase a portrait please choose a pose that you would like to appear on your child’s classroom page.

If you would like more information about Tryon Creek Studio please check out the studio’s Facebook page at:

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