Why is Run for the Arts Important?

art_classesAs many of you heard at Parent Night this last week, Portland Public Schools (PPS) informed us during the summer that the recently passed Arts Tax funds would no longer be coming to SW Charter.

The law was written very specifically to include district charters, but since we are state-sponsored, the City of Portland has decided that we do not qualify for these funds.

We did receive a portion of the funds last year, but we did not receive the full amount that should have given to us per the formula stipulated by the City.

So, this means funds raised through Run for the Arts fund are all the more important to us this year. They will be the only funds that SW Charter receives that are specifically earmarked for arts. Please make every effort to help your student obtain pledges and be ready to run on October 1. Pledge forms are due back on September 30.

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