1 More Week for Chinook Book Orders!

chinook2015Only about a week remains to submit your Chinook Book orders!  Orders are due to the accounting office by October 1st, but the books are here now and your order will be filled as soon as it is submitted.  We have quite a way to go to make our one book per family goal.

Chinook Book Facts:

  • If you buy a book you receive a FREE one month mobile app subscription.
  • If you buy a mobile app the activation code will last a year after activation date, even if you activate it six month or more from now.
  • Chinook Books make great thank you gifts!  Do you know a realtor, or someone else that likes to send small thank you gifts to clients?  Chinook Books are just the ticket.

Questions?  Contact Elise Christman at theotherken@comcats.net

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