S. Waterfront Parking Permit Option from City of Portland

S. Waterfront parking permit

S. Waterfront parking permit

A paid drop-off parking permit is available from the City of Portland Parking Bureau for SWCS families!

Parents may purchase a drop-off parking permit that will allow you 15 MINUTES to park in any metered space along the following streets:

  • SW Bond Street – entire length
  • SW Moody Street – entire length
  • North side of SW Bancroft Street
  • South side of SW Lowell Street
  • South side of SW Abernethy Street

What does this mean for you?  No more paying for meters! You can purchase a drop-off permit subject to the following fees:

July 1 through September 30 $160.00
October 1 through December 31 $120.00
January 1 through March 31 $  80.00
April 1 through June 30 $  40.00

Permits are good until June 30th.  Permits can be used interchangeably with more than one family vehicle.  You must park on one of the streets listed above, as these are in our parking permit program.

Please fill out the attached permit information and return to the Parking Bureau — not to SWCS.  You will deal directly with the City of Portland.

Questions — feel free to contact Stacey Goldstein at jsmgold@gmail.com

Download the Parking Permit Application here!

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