Contribute to Our Parent Business & Resource Directory!

survey3Friends has put together a Parent Resource Directory for our teachers and Parent Business Directory for the use of the entire SW Charter Community.

We have so many talented parents at our school! For the Parent Resource Directory, our teachers would love to know about your skills and interests in order to compliment the curriculum and enhance our children’s learning experience.

Please let us know the everyday things that you do which become huge things when it comes to our teachers planning their curriculum.

Do you (or a family member/friend) attend craft fairs, have access to raw wool/sheep/animals, play in a band/teach music, knit, sew, make your own cheese, create sugar-free sweets, love to bake/cook, juggle, sword smith, crafting/jewelry/metal/furniture making, whittle, camping and/or nature enthusiast, and/or anything else under the sun?

Also included in this survey is the opportunity for your business to be included in our Parent Business Directory. We would like our SW Charter community to have the opportunity to support local businesses owned, or operated, by other SW Charter parents. Do you have a business that you would like to list in the directory?

Please take a few moments and fill out our survey:

Your information will be included in the next updates of our directories! Thank You!

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