Terracycle Recycling Clarification

terracycle2We have been receiving large numbers of energy bar wrappers this year!  THANK YOU for participating.  These means CASH for our school.

As you and your students have perhaps noticed the classes now each have baskets for recycling foil-lined energy bar wrappers.  Wrappers without a shiny metallic interior should be placed in the garbage.

Please do not drop any Box Tops, Labels for Education, ink cartridges, writing instruments or cell phones in these baskets.  These items should be places in the box near the front door.

Please put neatly trimmed, non-expired Box Tops and Labels into separate envelopes or bags so they don’t accidentally get mailed off to Terracyle.

Thank you for helping reducing sorting, disposing, and trimming.  Questions?  Contact Elise Christman at elise@christmans.net.

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