Friends Meeting Minutes ~ March 2015

Friends of SW Charter School

Monthly Meeting

March 3, 2015


Dates to Remember

  • March 12 ~ Friends AM Coffee
  • March 16 – 20 ~ Spirit Week
  • March 23 – 27 ~ Spring Break
  • March 30 ~ No School
  • April 7 ~ Friends Meeting @ 6:30 pm Elephants Deli on Corbett
  • April 12 ~ Crafternoon

Open Forum Community Comments


Hot Lunch – Christina

Christina will talk with Anne about selecting a date – April 17th or April 24th. Juli is still interested in working on it. We can talk to Rovente Pizza about supplying the pizza. We’ll have a simple order form with just one option and use the auction software to do the pizza sale form. If these dates don’t work, we can try for May.

First all-school lunch was a big success. Kids and staff seemed to really like it.

Wilkerson/Annual Camping Trip – Christina

Last month, Christina contacted the Wilkerson camp hosts and was told that they are all full. We’ll look into some other camps. Some ideas suggested were:

Hanne will help Christina look into these suggestions. They will also talk with Amanda and Sarah Anderson for any other ideas.

To rent Wilkerson was about $1500 plus deposit.

Auction Recap – Juli/Carrie

Juli will be sending out an infographic to the community with some preliminary auction night numbers.

We will have the online auction in May. Online auction is populated with really good stuff (over 150 items).

A link to signup parties will go out with the infographic so people who couldn’t attend the auction can sign up for open slots.

We doubled our sponsor dollars this year.

Early start to procurement really seemed to help.

Paddle raise money will go toward funding the field work coordinator position. Extra $ will go towards a part time counselor and IT upgrades.

We only had about 5 people who only came to the silent auction. We will offer silent auction again for free next year.

We had 162 people attend the live auction. This year we had 184.

Block Party September 2015 – Christina

Christina will talk with Sarah Anderson about partnering with the SW Waterfront Business Association for our fall block party. We hope to piggyback onto the Thursday Farmers Market.

Melissa suggested getting a bounce house (use a Groupon).

Christina would love to have someone to help her with this.

Farmers Market could encourage more food vendors to be there that night.

We can reuse some of the same decorations from last year.

Financial Update – Christina

Nicki couldn’t be here tonight and she did not receive the report from Karen.

A Google Docs version of March 2015 Minutes.

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