Turning Waste Into Art

Field Day 2014 Bottle Cap Mural

Field Day 2014 Bottle Cap Mural

Turning Waste Into Art

Last year, we collected plastic bottle caps to create a one-of-a-kind mural for our school. SWCS families kept 1440 bottle caps out of the landfill with this project, and this year we want to do it again!

During Field Day last year, students & parent volunteers glued and attached bottle caps to create our water-themed mural, and we want to create one more recycled art project to complete our cycle, but this time with an Earth theme.

We will create our Earth-themed bottle cap mural on Field Day!

Mural 3Please start collecting bottle caps!

  • Collect at home
  • Ask neighbors, friends, family and maybe even a restaurant in your neighborhood
  • We’ll have a box set up where you can drop off your bottle caps, near Kathy’s desk. Look for the sign!

Who wants to design the mural?

If you are a student artist, give us your ideas for what the mural should look like:

  • Draw your idea on paper
  • The theme is Earth
  • Your idea should be in color
  • Simple drawings are better
  • Give your drawing to Kathy no later than May 5th
  • On May 5th a group of parents will select one or more
  • You can enter more than one drawing
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