Friends Meeting Minutes ~ June 2015

Friends of Southwest Charter School

Meeting Minutes

June 23, 2015

Important Dates:

June 27: S. Waterfront Greenway Grand Opening 10 am – 2 pm

August 4: FoSWCS Meeting, 6:30 pm Elephants on Corbett

August 7: South Waterfront Art Exhibit begins

September 10: SWCS Block Party

Open Forum

Playground Concerns:

The boulder on the playground has some loose things. Anne is aware and has contacted the manufacturer and/or installer to repair.

During the school year, JoLea and Elise met with Anne about the playground. Their main concern was the sand area and how slippery it makes the surrounding area. The sand pit is too full and overflows.

At this time, there are no school funds for additions to the playground.

Some have expressed interested in purchasing free-standing basketball hoops. Kathy reports that we have had two of these in the past and they become damaged too easily. She would prefer to have a stationary hoop mounted to a pole that is sunk in cement. Friends could possibly help with the cost. Melissa will ask Dennis to follow up with Anderson Construction.

The chicken area needs a nylon sock for the drain. It continually gets clogged.

It would be nice to power wash the wall to remove the ball marks.

2015 Block Party with S. Waterfront Farmers Market

Elise and Christina met with Heather Bayles from the S. Waterfront Business Association and Farmers Market to begin planning our 2015 Block Party. Heather was very positive about working with us. The Block Party is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 10th.

Since the Block Party will be held during the Farmers Market, it simplifies many things for us. The Farmers Market already has food, music and port-a-potties. We can plug in our activities with the Farmers Market.

Elise is working on an electronic scavenger hunt for the Block Party. Liz will help with it too. We want to create an age-appropriate scavenger hunt that the Farmers Market would perhaps like to use too.

FoSWCS 2015/2016 Board

We hope to get new Board members in November 2015. This will allow new families time to get more involved with Friends.

Christina would like to make the Friends Board larger. In the past, the Board has been mainly composed of a President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Christina proposed a new model of 5 members, where each person is able to decide which role he or she would like to take. If you’re interested in the Friends decision making process, we encourage you to become part of the Board.

It was also suggested that we have a way to stagger terms so Board members overlap and not everyone leaves at the same time.

Field Day 2015 Recap

Kathy gave us a report from the teachers regarding their thoughts on Field Day.


  • Everybody had a blast.
  • Length of day was good.
  • The art stations and face painting were awesome.
  • Bottle cap mural was engaging.
  • Teachers and volunteers appreciated the food.
  • Ice cream distribution was great.
  • Tie-Dye t-shirts
  • All-school picture


  • Younger grades need to eat lunch earlier.
  • Boundaries seemed too spread out. Next year, put safety cones around perimeter.
  • Need more volunteers for safety patrol and provide clear guidelines to volunteers regarding boundaries and what is expected.
  • Have volunteers wear same t-shirts so they’re easy to identify.
  • Playground got a little crazy this year.
  • We need more structured activities for younger grades.
  • Difficult for teachers to keep track of kids.

Friends will talk with staff in early spring 2016 to get their ideas.

It was suggested that we send home or post online a Field Day schedule so younger kids (and parents) know what to expect.

Due to construction at Willamette Park, we may have to have Field Day at Elizabeth Caruthers.

The bottle cap mural is at school. Christina will work on it during the summer. We still need purple bottle caps. If we need certain colors, SCRAP has lots of bottle caps.

Family Camping Trip

We decided to move the Family Camp to the end of the school year 2016. We might be able to schedule Wilkerson for that time.

We have not secured a campground for early September and it might be too much at the beginning of the year.

Final Community Comments

The South Portland Neighborhood Association meets at 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month (No meeting in August) at NCNM Annex located at 2719 SW Kelly Street.

Wouldn’t it be great to form a coalition of all the schools in the S. Waterfront area including SWCS, Sunstone, International School, etc. ? We could get together quarterly to touch base with the PTOs. There’s a lot of schools in our area but we don’t communicate.

Next FOSWCS Meeting is August 4th at 6:30 pm at Elephant’s on Corbett

Get a Google Docs version  of these minutes.



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