South Waterfront Art Exhibit Opens This Friday, August 7th & Volunteer(s) Needed

swaeTeacher Mike’s 1/2 class created four Jackson Pollock-inspired paintings that will be a part of the South Waterfront Art Exhibit which opens this Friday, August 7th and runs through August 22nd. The exhibit is located at 0841 SW Gaines St. (The Atwater building in the South Waterfront.)

If anyone is interested in representing our school as a gallery sitter at the South Waterfront Art Exhibit, our volunteer slot is Friday August 7th (opening night) from 5-9pm. This could be split into two shifts. Contact Melissa Allen if you’re interested.

The student-created paintings will be for sale and 70% of profits will go back to our school.

Exhibiting artists and their guests are invited to an Opening Reception on Friday, August 7, 2015, 5:30 – 9 pm.

Here is the South Waterfront Art Exhibit site for more info…

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