Room Parent Needed!


Volunteers are needed as Room Parents to help assist teachers with communicating information, gathering volunteers, finding a coordinator for the class art project that will be in the school auction, and generally helping as needed.

This job does not take a great deal of time.  It allows you to get to know your child’s teacher, and is mostly sending emails, or whatever the teacher may need.

The Room Parent Cordinator (Elise Christman ) will be there to help guide you throughout the year.  If you are interested, please contact Elise directly, or speak with your child’s teacher.  Right now only Kindergarten has been filled. Thank you for your help!!

Here are the teachers that need Room Parents:

  • Nesa- 1/2:
  • Megan- 1/2:
  • Karinsa/ Amanda- 3:
  • Courtney/ Katie- 4/5:
  • Susan- 4/5:
  • Lisa- 6:
  • Chris- 7:
  • Sarah- 8:

Thanks for your help in filling these positions!

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