Block Party Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues Revealed!

magnifying_glassThe clues for the Photo Scavenger Hunt at this afternoon’s Block Party in Caruthers Park have been revealed.

You can access the clues on your phone at or see them here:

Read the clues to find each of the 12 items listed below. Take a selfie with it, return to the SWCS tent at the Block Party to have your photos verified and receive your prize – including entry into our raffle!

  1. If you drove to the block party today you had to stop here after you parked. $$
  1. If you biked to the party, your bike is probably safe and sound here.
  1. These lovely smelling flowers are growing in the park and can also be purchased from one of the South Waterfront Farmers’ Market vendors.
  1. Find the weirdest looking fruit or vegetable that you can.
  1. Now find the fruit or veggie with the strangest name.
  1. The rain water and fountain water goes here. NOT down the drain.
  1. The very best place to keep cool on a hot and sunny day.
  1. Pollinators have worked hard to make this magical sweet treat.
  1. Need information about the market? Find the tent with the rooster.
  1. What’s the most amazing school in Portland???
  1. Hot, hot, hot! Who knew an oven could travel to a park!
  1. Nothing completes a park like some art. Look up…

Thank you to our generous donors!

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