Everyone Loves Free Stuff (Brought to you by The Chinook Book)!

chinook2015FREE FREE FREE!!!

Now you have another reason to buy a Chinook Book and to sell many to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers:  FREE STUFF!

We counted at least 17 coupons for FREE goods and services. These items are not buy on get one free, or free with a purchase —  they are just FREE!

FREE coupons include:

There are free coupons for food, car services, home and garden…all categories.  Some of these coupons have a value that far exceeds the cost of the Chinook Book.  So, order your Chinook Book today!  Order two!  Order three!    Half of all sales stay right here at SWCS.

Orders are due 10/1/15.

Questions?  Contact Elise Christman at elise@christmans.net

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