Emergency Comfort Kits or Forms Due Friday, September 25

comfort kitIn the event of an emergency during school, it is important that each child have an Emergency Comfort Kit in his or her classroom.

You can compile your own kit.  Next Adventure has all the components for sale at amazing prices.  Place your complete kit in the box outside your child’s classroom.

Or, you can order an Emergency Comfort Kit for $15 from Friends of SW Charter.  Just submit a form with a note to your child and any photos you’d like to include to the box at Kathy’s desk or to Karen in the office.  A kit will be made for you.

If the cost of a kit is prohibitive for you right now, just submit the form with your note and any photos.  Friends will make one for you.  Next Adventure has donated several rain ponchos, emergency blankets and non-chemical light sticks to our school for the assembly of these extra kits.

We’d like to have all forms and kits by next by Friday, September 25 so we can remove the boxes from the hallway.

Here’s a link to the Emergency Comfort Kit Form.

next-adventure-logoThanks to Next Adventure for their generous donation to our school!

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